About Oakland Rhythmic Gymnastics

Oakland Rhythmic Gymnastics is an independent, non-profit, organization dedicated to the teaching, training, and promotion of the Olympic sport of rhythmic gymnastics located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

ORG has a proud 35+ year tradition as one of the premier rhythmic gymnastics organizations in the country with a professional staff of national coaches and USA Gymnastics instructors.

Our club offers recreational rhythmic gymnastics classes and competitive teams at the local, State, Regional, and National levels in USA Gymnastics Xcel, DP and FIG events for athletes of all ages.

Oakland Rhythmics gymnastics training incorporates specialty classes in ballet, jazz, flexibility and conditioning designed to enhance athletic performance.

We are very fortunate to have a respected, professional, and highly qualified coaching staff to train our gymnasts.  ORG is also the longest standing USA Gymnastics Member Club  in Michigan serving youth sports.

We have a heritage of dedicated parent volunteers who have contributed hundreds of hours towards the building of this team.  Foremost, we are blessed with enthusiastic, hard-working, and gifted young gymnasts.

Bloomfield Hills Recreational Department facilitates us with gym space at Bloomfield Hills Schools and handles our registration payments.

About the Sport of Rhythmic Gymnasts

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful Olympic sport which combines elements of dance with acrobatic skills and apparatus manipulation. Girls perform individual or group routines choreographed to music with one of the five apparatuses: rope, hoop, ball, clubs, and ribbon. This unique sport combines the elegance and beauty of a dancer with the strength and coordination of an athlete.

Ball  is made of rubber or a synthetic material.   Technical movements include throws and catches, bouncing, swings,  thrusts, and rolling over the body or on the floor.  
Hoop  offers the greatest variety of movements and technical skills.  The gymnast's routine includes rolls over the body or on the floor, rotations around the hand or other  parts of the body. Other movements include throws/catches and  passing over or through the hoop on various planes and levels.                                                                
 Rope  is a very dynamic apparatus. Other common technical movements for rope are rotations, 
  throws/catches, figure 8's, sails, and small releases of one end. 
  Ribbon  is used to create continuous designs in space.  As the gymnast performs she creates snakes, spirals, circles, figure eights, throws/catches, and small tosses of the stick.  The ribbon must be kept in fluid motion throughout the entire routine.  
  Clubs are a great coordination game!  The technical groups for clubs include  mills, small circles,  throws, catches, tapping and trapping. Ha ndling includes thrusts, figure eights and asymmetric movements.
  Group event requires  athletes work together as one cohesive unit.  Group is judged on the ability of the athletes to demonstrate mastery of body and apparatus skills in a synchronized, harmonious manner.  In addition, the group athletes must execute elements involving both large and small exchanges of equipment.