BHS Varisty Rhythmic Gymnastics Team

2023-2024 Varsity Team

(Not pictured: Khady G.)

2022-2023 Varsity Team

2021-2022 Varsity Team 


How to earn a Varsity Letter?

High School athletes earn a Varsity Letter by earning

70+ points through the January-March competitive season.

  1. Attend Practice - 1 point each practice
  2. Particiate in In-House or Local Competition - 2 points each event
  3. Perform in In-House or Local event - 1 point each event
  4. Compete in a Travel Meet - 5 points each event
  5. Score a Personal Best - 3 points each Personal Record score
  6. Extra points awarded by Coaches for:
  • Extra work and effort
  • Team Captain responsibilities
  • Leadership in team activities
  • Teaching and mentoring younger athletes
  • Demonstrating extra effort

Varsity Team Photos