Recreational Program
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Competitive Program

Our Competitive Levels incluce Club and Levels 3-10/Elite.  Athletes may compete in Xcel Bronze-Xcel Platinum and/or DP Levels 3-10/Elite sessions based on skill readiness and Coaches' recommendations. Gymnasts progress into their levels based on age, interest, skills, dedication, competitive experience, and coaches' recommendations.


This Tues & Thurs, 6-8pm, 2 day/week training program offers performance and competitive experience for athletes in grades 2nd-7th who are excited to train rhythmic gymnastics.   The girls will learn performance routines and compete floor and/or apparatus group routines while progressively mastering apparatus technical movements and body skills.  

Ballet lessons, provided by ORG, begin in this level.



Level 3 

This is the first competitive level in the Development Program.  Athletes build their competitive confidence and develop new skills as they compete in a floor routine and one apparatus routine.  Building a strong foundation for higher ;evel gymnastics is a developmental goal for these athletes.

Strong basic body skills are required at this level.




Level 4 

Athletes at this level continue to develop higher level competitive gymnastics skills and apparatus technique while competing a floor and 2 apparatus routines.  Level 4 athletes compete at in-house events and are ready to attend travel competitions.

Ballet training is required 2x per week for this level.




Levels 5 and 6

Athlete responsibility, sportsmanship, and self-discipline become more important as​ the girls progressively develop higher level body skills and apparatus handling.

Ballet training is required 2x per week for these levels.

The gymnasts in these levels compete a floor routine and 3 apparatus routines.


Levels 7 and 8 

Athlete responsibility, sportsmanship, and self-discipline are required as gymnasts in these levels are to be scored using a modified version of the FIG code of points.
Advanced body skills and pre-mastery apparatus handling   are expected in each of the 4 individual routines.



Levels 9 and 10 

At this elite competitive stage, the gymnast must master difficult body skills and risk tossing maneuvers. 

Each individual competes in 4 apparatus events choreographed specifically for them.

Gymnasts earn Level 10 status based on rank at the USA National Qualifying Competition.




Beginner Group
Gymnasts in Levels 4-6 combine to learn 1-2 group routines, one with and one without apparatus. Each routine includes 4-5 gymnasts from the same team performing together using exchanges, collaborations, rhythmic dance steps, and required body and apparatus elements.
Intermediate Group
Gymnasts in levels 7-8 combine to learn 2 group routines, one floor and one apparatus. Each routine includes 4-5   gymnasts from   the same team performing together using intricate exchanges, collaborations, complex rhythmic dance steps, and required body and apparatus elements.
Advanced Group
Gymnasts in Levels 8 & 9 combine to learn 2 group routines, one floor and one apparatus. In Advanced Group, the apparatus routine typically combines 2 apparatuses to add variety and difficulty.